The story


The history of the abbey of Saint-Sauveur

The Abbey of Saint-Sauveur

Established on the site of the former Abbey of Saint-Sauveur, we have been running a vineyard for four generations, almost a thousand years old, in the communes of Vertus and Congy.

In the 11th century, the Vertus region was the domain of the Counts of Champagne. Thibault I founded two male abbeys there, Saint-Martin and Saint-Sauveur. The Abbey of Saint-Sauveur was owned by the monks who devoted themselves to prayer and work, particularly in the vineyard, following the rule of St Benoit "Ora et labora".

During the revolution the monks were expelled from the abbey and in 1793 it was sold as national property. The church was destroyed, only the abbey church escaped destruction.

A troubled history..... part of France's history.

The elders

In 1886, our great grandfather Thomas Charles, known as Edmondbought Saint-Sauveur from a certain Prin d'Origny

Plan of the St-Sauveur property 1886

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Thomas Charles, known as Edmond

Thomas Charles, known as Edmond

Mr. Thomas Alexis

Mr. Thomas Alexis

Faced with the phylloxera crisis between 1889 and 1890, he rebuilt the destroyed vineyards by initiating "modern" viticulture. "modern" viticulture, with grafted plants, stakes and wires.

We have inherited from this past a cellar, a 1.5 hectare vineyard, a park (the monks' cemetery for 800 years) and part of the farm buildings that remained as the monks left them at the French Revolution.

Now, following in the footsteps of the monks and our ancestors, we cultivate the vines, a demanding and meticulous task, so that our Champagne is a product of dreams and celebrations.

A place rich in history that we will be happy to show you around.